“Give us this day our daily bread.”

Matthew 6:11

Friend, let’s do a quick self examination: at the end of a meal or the end of a month, do we really God has given us enough? When we pray, give us this day our daily bread, how much do we expect God to supply? As much as we want or as much as we need?

Health experts say that a key to good nutrition is eating until we feel satisfied not until we are stuffed full. In every area of our lives there is a difference between genuine hunger and having a greedy appetite. So often we want just a little more.

However, bread here stands for more than just food. It stands for all the results we get from eating food. It stands for all the physical things we need for life such as food, clothing, shelter etc. “This day” speaks of the urgency of the moment. It speaks of the things that I need right now. It recognizes that I won’t survive, even this moment, without the sustaining power of the Lord. That’s what “this day” speaks of. But “daily” speaks of frequency. It speaks of how often we need to present our needs to God. We need God’s provision just as much tomorrow as we need it today. There is not a moment of your life where you can exist without God’s provision.

Jesus was telling us to ask God to supply our needs, in His teaching, He said to us not to worry on what to eat, drink or wear but to seek first His Kingdom. Our need is to do His will.

Your biggest need is Jesus. He is the nature of your need. You need Him every single day. He is the frequency of your need. You can’t live even one moment without His sustaining grace and power. He is the urgency of your need. And Jesus is the only One who can fill your every need. Food can’t, shelter can’t, family can’t, money can’t, and prosperity can’t. The only One who can fill your every need is Jesus. He is the supplier of your needs.

As the Lord supplies our needs, perhaps we should see His provision from a new perspective and determine to express our thanks by saying, Father thank you for giving me the right amount and for giving me Jesus.

Have you asked Him? Jesus, give me this day and every day to follow, the only bread I truly need. Jesus, give me you.

Garment of Praise

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Oluyemisi Onanuga

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