“Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Proverbs 16:18

One of the greatest problems that all of us have is our sense of pride. While not all pride is considered as sinful, it is that pride of our own heart that causes us to lift ourselves higher onto a pedestal that can quickly crumble beneath us. God knows how to bring down the prideful spirit and he will never fail to do just that.

Pride sounds its own praise, not only in the Agamemnon’s trumpet call, but in the mirror and in the newspaper. Pride destroys its own accomplishments by self praise. Pride is such a subtle thing that we usually don’t recognize it in our lives. Pride is an “abomination to the Lord.” God abhors a proud spirit; it disgusts Him. An abomination makes a person sick. A proud, haughty, arrogant attitude makes God sick.

Pharaoh’s pride and self confidence would not allow him to recognize that God was in control of his life and his kingdom. Pharaoh would not confess that there was a God greater than he because all of Egypt bowed before Pharaoh and he was considered as a god by his own people (Exodus 5:2).

God knows how to get you off your high horse. It pays to remind ourselves that we are nothing without Jesus. It is God who must get the glory for our work, not us. God often wants to bless his children but we are so caught up in our own ways that the blessings are blocked from reach- ing us. We cannot and will not receive the blessings of the Lord unless our pride is under control. And we cannot receive God’s blessings unless we allow God to move in his own time and in his own manner.

Our own pride blinds us to the truth and we will accept a lie and when we accept and believe a lie, then we are deceived and it’s easy for Satan to bring us down. Watch your pride and ask God to get rid of it before the fall comes.

A lot of people may say that they worked hard to become who they are but we must realize that all the hard work in the world won’t make you unless God first gives you the ability and the gift to build upon.

Let’s all watch our prideful spirit. Let’s not be caught lifting ourselves higher than we should. It’s a wonderful thing to know that God created us in such a way that it is nearly impossible to pat ourselves on the back, or to kick ourselves in the rear too hard.

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