“Jesus said, if thou would believe, thou should see the glory of God.” 

John 11:40

Lazarus had been dead for four days. Jesus could have come sooner, but he didn’t. Martha’s words ring like an accusation, “If you had been here, my brother would not have died.” How many of us would not have responded in this manner?

Why did Jesus have to delay His going to Bethany? Why would God not answer my prayer now; why am I facing this affliction despite my relationship with Him? Questions upon questions and yet it seems no answer to our queries. Jesus wants us to know that it’s not in our power to overcome Satan and our own sinful hearts. That power must come through “His Resurrection Power”. It’s only when Jesus speaks the word of deliverance that the victory will come and not until then. It will come in his time and in his manner.

Having a relationship with Jesus does not mean you won’t have trouble but it does mean that you can go to Him in confidence in times of trouble. Mary and Martha sent for Jesus with bold- ness because of their relationship with Him and their brother.

When you bring Jesus into the situation, He will change it, Lazarus was already dead and buried by the time Jesus got there; the situation was already hopeless. But in times like these, the question is “is there anything too hard for God?” if your answer is “NO” then your situation becomes an opportunity for Him to demonstrate His love and care for you and show His glory to the world.

Jesus was four days late in answering the prayer of Mary and Martha. He was four days late in healing Lazarus so that he would not die. He was four days later than the hope of all those who stood around could last.

Jesus was four days late yet he was right on time. God’s will is sovereign. Don’t give up hope. Even when it seems hopeless God is in control. He has the power to resurrect your life once again and bring deliverance and victory. He may not answer until all hope is gone and there seems to be no way out but he will answer.

God may not answer, may not deliver you when you expect him to. He may not give you the answer you need until you think it’s far too late but remember, God’s answer has resurrection power with it and he is always on time. If you believe and trust in Him, He will make you amaze- ment and glorify Himself in you.

Garment of Praise

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Oluyemisi Onanuga

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