“So Pilate, wanting to gratify the crowd, released Barabbas to them; and he delivered Jesus, after he had scourged Him, to be crucified.”

Job 13:15

We are under attack by a society that is becoming more and more antichrist. We are living in the last days, the days when even the very elect will be deceived. Notice how many churches are jumping on the bandwagon for gay marriage, abortion, and making excuses for members who sin. Alcoholism and drug addiction are epidemic. Relativism and toleration of almost anything has become a commandment of a percentage of our population. Our society is filled with domestic violence, divorce, murder, lying, and sexual anarchy and on and on

Friends, we must pray and prepare and preach the gospel. We cannot assume that any family member, neighbour, co-worker, or person we have met is not interested in the good news that can set them free. “Jesus said, “Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest?’ I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” If our faith in Jesus really means as much to us as it should, then our faith should be the number one message on our lips. If you had a pill that would cure cancer, would you save it only for your church family? If you had a cure for AIDS would you use it only for the persons who contracted it through blood transfu- sions or birth and refuse to give it to those who got it through homosexual sexual relations, heterosexual relations and dirty drug needles? God gives us the good news of the gospel to share with all.

When we realize that Jesus died for our sins and that we were just as lost as the lost person that we know, we will develop a new love for the lost. Most of us are frustrated with the indif- ference of our neighbours when faced with the sins of society and of themselves. But the first calling of the church, the last command of Jesus, is to take the gospel to everyone. May God help us to do our part to bring souls to His Kingdom.

To sinners saved by grace, the gospel is like the rapturous harmonies of heaven. We have no right to keep it to ourselves. Jesus tells us to take it out into the world, and let it be heard.

Someone told you about Christ. Have you told anyone lately?

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