“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”

Proverbs 17:17


Most people today want to find friends who will accept them the way they are. We want friends who will be loyal to us, who’ll keep their promises. Who’ll stand with us when no one else will? We all give lip service to the fact that “Yeah I should make friendships a priority.” But when it comes to making changes in our life to make it a reality we give up. It’s the pace of life we live. And a lot of us aren’t willing to make the changes necessary to make friends a higher priority.

Bill, a carpenter said, “A friend is someone who tells me the truth about me. I want to know when my work stinks or I’m being hurtful or stupid. I expect my friends to save me from myself.” Friendships are crucial, your friendships (many or few) have probably determined who you are today, more than almost any other factor.

Friendships are crucial for better health, higher success, for self-improvement, for other people, and for true way of life. I want to challenge you to make friendships a priority. Let your friends know this week that you appreciate them. Mark out time on your schedule this week for lunch or just hanging out. And remember that God wants to be your friend as well.

A story about a widower and a widow who are aged, shut-in, quite alone, and on the prayer list at their church and they both have a true friend. The widower, who loves classical music, looks forward to alternate Tuesdays because a young man comes with a couple of tapes and spends the evening visiting, and they enjoy the music together.

The widow, who is diabetic and has a very limited income, receives visits regularly from a woman who is very kind to her. Recently she bought her a blood-testing device that greatly helps her control her diabetes. It’s something the diabetic woman could not afford to buy for herself.

Both the widower and the widow are fortunate to have at least one person who really cares about them. There are many people who are friendless, and no one ever visits them. There’s a tragic shortage of those who will take the time to be a friend.

Even Paul, who knew the reality of Christ’s presence, needed friends as he awaited execution in a Roman dungeon. He longed for flesh-and-blood companionship. He wanted a heavy garment and some books. He could get these only from friends.

Lord, help us to be a friend to someone in need. A true friend will not let you stand alone.


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